Leo Privacy Guard 2.0 Review: Taking Privacy to a whole new level

Wondering how protect your phone and your apps privacy at the same time, from your friends or family?

Well, now no more hassles in doing this, LOMASTER, a leading mobile app developer has launched a brand new privacy app, the Leo Privacy Guard 2.0, which aims to help in securing all your apps and personal information like the Gallery app or Social media apps and everything within them. The app introduces many levels of protection to tailor and match the needs of users better. The best part is that the LEO Privacy Guard 2.0 is available from the Google Play store for free.

Design: Simple and Effective

The App’s design focuses on simplicity and utility. The main interface includes Lock, Privacy Protection and Settings tabs, using which the user can take a glance at the current protection level and toggle privacy control for photos, videos, messages, and call records. The overall design allows for an effective and individualized usage that streamlines and ensures a smooth experience for the user.

App Lock: Most Effective and Powerful

The tremendous popularity of smartphones these days has fueled a rapid development in the digital world, and with it a risk of personal files and information being stolen. Digitimes Research predicts that in 2015, there will be over 14 Billion smartphone users across the world. As the smartphone market continues to boom in Developing countries like India, Africa, and most of South East Asia as well as Latin America, social media and e-commerce apps and platforms are pretty vulnerable. LEO Privacy Guard 2.0 App Lock allows its users to anticipate multiple scenarios by giving them control over duration, location, as well as many other aspects of the apps and platforms.

Protection: Leveled Up

The App introduces a really innovative way to categorize privacy protection across several levels such as:

  • Dangerous
  • Vigilant
  • Normal
  • Good
  • Perfect

The app constantly recommends for the appropriate privacy level according to the user’s smartphone condition, so that they may make a proper choice. Particularly concerning the ‘tapping’ of text messages and phone records, LEO Privacy Guard 2.0 provides its users full protection and keeps them worry-free from prying eyes.

Gallery: Lock up your Photos and Videos

Smartphones have replaced Digital cameras and camcorders these days, and since media can be shared with the rest of the world in seconds. While it’s easy and convenient for the user to have the latest videos and images at their fingertips, there might be some file that you might not want to share with someone no matter what, and Leomaster makes it easy. LEO Privacy Guard 2.0 makes it very easy for the user to hide their personal photos and videos and keeps them completely hidden from sharing.

In the movie ‘Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation’ they have to decode a set of media files like Photos and Videos. The decryption process is very easy in the movie. If used an app like LEO Privacy Guard, the user can encrypt their photos and videos beyond any kind of decryption, which in my opinion is the coolest thing. One more feature that I would’ve liked to have is, if someone tries to decrypt, all the pictures and videos should get shattered, and using another app, the media should be re-assemblable after the fact. This might be a long shot, but, would be cool

LEO Privacy Guard 2.0 also monitors the data usage, battery level, and app installation status, keeping the user’s relationship with their smartphone enjoying and hastle-free. It also has a collection of beautifully designed interface for the phone’s lock screen.

Statistics and Getting Started

LEO Privacy Guard is closing in to a million ratings on the Google Play store. As of now, it has a very good rating of 4.3 (reviewed by more than 800,000 users). It’s available for free to download on all Android 4.0 and up devices. Anyone can install and use the app. The version 2.9 of the application requires 10MB storage space and the download size from the Google Play store is just 4.6MB.

When you run it, the Android application will display a slideshow that explains the app’s key features. You can skip the slideshow if you want to. This app will make you enter a 4-letter PIN code or a pattern lock for password before it even opens the main interface.

Shortcuts: Made Easy

The Shortcuts feature will add a popup based animated shortcut on your Android home-screen to your Android smartphone or tablet. Users can access this shortcut utility by swiping. They can change the swipe direction and trigger area from the settings.

Performance Booster: Gives a Boost

The Performance Booster will take care of many instances to make the Android Smartphone or Tablet. When used, the app will clear out idle apps, RAM, and clear our cache of all the apps to save on the system memory and also save device storage in the process.

Conclusion: An all Rounded Privacy application

When you think of keeping almost every necessary app in your smartphone, to protect your security and privacy and you find an app like this having a super-duper package in a small box, then there’s no issues giving a try. LEO Privacy Guard from Leomaster is a good app with a lot of useful features. It has easy to navigate UI. For some reason the app crashed several times on my Xiaomi Mi4 running MIUI 7 (based on Android 4.4 KitKat). However, I reported this to Leomaster and they are already working on a fix for this.

All in all, the LEO Privacy Guard is an excellent all-round privacy protection app that everyone should try out. For this very reason it’s blowing up in India, being the number one app to be downloaded in India in Q2 2015. We give the LEO Privacy Guard a 5/5. What do you think of the app? Are you using it? How much do you like the app? If not, will you download it? Let us know in the comments section below.

Author: techfission