GetResponse Vs Pinpointe : Best Email Marketing tools showdown!

My other businesses do rely on online marketing to drive all of my sales. So social media marketing, SEO and email marketing are the cornerstones of my overall strategy. For email marketing success I rely on GetResponse. It is not my first email marketing program but it is something I have come to love and got stuck with it.

My other businesses do rely on online marketing to drive all of my sales. So social media marketing, SEO and email marketing are the cornerstones of my overall strategy. For email marketing success I rely on GetResponse. It is not my first email marketing program but it is something I have come to love and got stuck with it.

I have used a number of email marketing platforms – I remember at least 3 in the past and Pinpointe is the best that comes closest to GetResponse.

What I Liked About GetResponse?

GetResponse (GR) has been a complete email marketing system for me. It offers crucial hosting and newsletter publishing features along with one of the best AutoResponders I have seen. It’s smart autoresponder allows delivering info to the subscribers, helping convert more of them into customers.

It has well established relationships with all the leading ISPs and email service providers. It has reliable and automated list hygiene and anti-spam policies. It also offers me one of the best possible email deliverability rates so I always know that most of my messages are getting through. With an existing 8-billion + messages annually and reach across 200 countries, they are just more positive reasons for choosing them.

What I Liked About Pinpointe?

Pinpointe (PP) is a feature-loaded cloud-based email marketing platform similar to GetResponse. Its features like autoresponder drip marketing and list segmentation help you generate high quality sales leads. Just like GR, PP also has an inbox preview (but launched more recently). It also allows previewing emails in all the leading email and mobile clients.

Both the services are neck to neck in almost every feature.

The list of most appealing features offered by each can tell a lot about them:

GetResponse Features

  • There are different marketing management and delivery tools for more control over my marketing campaign.
  • It supports responsive design and will automatically optimize your newsletters according to the subscribers’ screen size.
  • The best features of this email marketing program include creating signup forms, preferences management, webinars, social media signup forms, segmentation, Autoresponder 2.0 and multiple lists.
  • It is also possible to analyze the social media delivery options and triggered campaigns.
  • The email templates are available under multiple categories. This means marketing opportunities for all injuries.
  • The A/B testing feature is one of the best I have seen in GetResponse.
  • There are very few email marketing programs that offer such a sophisticated landing page creator.
  • Autoresponder 2.0 from GR is also a class apart. It is slightly more advanced than what most other email marketing software are offering.

Pinpointe Features

  • Pinpointe has a cap on the number of emails you can send in a month (1.2 million). But may not be a concern for most of the businesses.
  • It has one of the best tracking and reporting feature. I would say that both GR and PP are equal when it comes to email tracking.
  • The email creator is also quite sophisticated and easy to use. There are more than a thousand templates to choose from and the creator/editor is almost as good as GR’s.
  • Just like GetResponse, this tool also has high percentage of email deliverability. I don’t think there is much difference, but GR may slightly better than PP in this regard.

It is also easier to manage subscribers. Both GR and PP have excellent customer support and every time I have reached them, both the services’ support staff have been polite and helpful to me. GR supports all the major global languages. In fact, it supports 10 or more languages. Pinpointe however supports only English. That is not a big thing for me because all I need is English.

GetResponse is relatively more user friendly and almost anyone can use it. It is easier to create email newsletters and landing pages, thanks to so many templates and images.

My marketing team spends a lot of time in tracking and analyzing our email marketing campaigns. In this regard, both GetResponse and Pinpointe have been equally beneficial to us. Both offer advanced segmentation and targeting, something which is difficult to find in other programs.


Another feature where I found GR having an edge is the level of integration with platforms. While PP has strong integration with SalesForce and Google Analytics, GetResponse is much more advanced. It has integrations with the following platforms too and that works to our favor:

  • Magento
  • Joomla
  • WordPress
  • OScommerce
  • Zencart

Price Comparison

This is an important factor I cannot afford to ignore.

Pinpointe’s basic package starts from $49 a month for up to 5,000 subscribers. Sign-up for 6 months and they offer some discount. So if you have a thousand subscribers, you will still end up paying the same. But I have seen that as the number of subscribers increase, Pinpointe’s packages start getting more affordable.

GetResponse, on the other hand, has different types of packages including the simple Email plan, and the Pro, Max and Enterprise plans. The prices are almost equivalent to those offered by Pinpointe. The Pro plan costs $165 a month for 25K subscribers and the Pinpointe’s plan cost $150 for the same number of subscribers. But for the savings you make in Pinpointe, there is a cap on the number of emails you could send a month.

That sets Pinpointe apart from most of the email marketing programs. Others don’t put a cap like it does!

So even if se spend a few dollars more every month, we don’t have a cap with GetResponse! So that’s an edge for us.


It’s difficult to make the right choice between GetResponse and Pinpointe. Both are almost equivalent in all aspects. Even when it comes to price, GR may look like costlier (but the fact is that Pinpointe has a cap on the number of emails). Overall, GR is a powerhouse in email marketing and PP is something that catches on to it almost perfectly. But I would say that GetResponse is easier for anyone to use.

GetResponse (If you want to signup for the 30 day trial follow the link) is designed to be more intuitive and simpler. A better autoresponder, more vivid templates, and easier email/landing page creators put GR ahead of its competition. Inbox preview is a new feature in Pinpointe. It was not there when I was using it some time ago. So it is an email marketing program that is catching up. So overall, GetResponse is the ideal email marketing platform for me, and I will recommend it to everyone.

Author: techfission